Anaheim Lighthouse: Addiction Treatment Process

Anaheim Lighthouse Rehab and Detox Centre

Anaheim Lighhouse is one of the leading Rehab and Detox service providers in Southern California. Approach this ray of hope to make your addicted family quit his habit of taking alcohol or drugs. Having excellent specialized professional team they provide best treatment services to the clients who approach them for speedy recovery. Their treatment involves educating clients and family members, good communication and socialization with denial process. To know more about their Addiction Treatment processes please refer to the site of They are helpful to build physical and emotional stability between each of them.

Anaheim Lighthouse has given their best to change the lives of clients who are either drug addicted or and consume alcohol. Their Doctors and nurse both are licensed and have years of experience for dealing the addicted clients and providing best support to their family members when the disease of addiction has taken hold. They treatment methodology includes individual and group counseling therapy, Trauma Care, Dual Diagnosis, Intervention and Family Support.

How is there Addiction Treatment Process different from others?

Well there might be many detox or rehab centers who provide best treatment services to their clients who approach them to quit intake of drugs or alcohol. But the trickiest part for a family is choosing trustworthy Rehab or Detox centre with best treatment services when dealing with their own family member who is struggling from the addiction.

Till now the addiction treatment processes that was offered by Anaheim Lighthouse has got tremendous recognition from the cured clients as well as undergoing patients. They had been campaigning this centre for speedy recovery and lending their services as guide. Detoxification is that process and period of time which helps clients or individuals to get rid of toxic elements that are present in their body, and which are regarded as unhealthy substances.

The Addiction Treatment Process includes the assessment of clients and their needs to make appropriate referrals. Some directly approach the detox centres for Residential Treatment and few are referred Hospital Detox Services. Depending on the individuals condition the doctor suggests acute facility for hospital detox services, otherwise can go for residential detox services.

The Hospital Treatment and Residential Treatment differ from each another. The first includes typical sterile, institutional arrangements where the doctors attend 20 patients at a time, whereas the second one includes complete care by an individual licensed doctor who is an addiction specialist as well as member of National Board of Psychopharmacology who knows when to use Suboxone.

The second is more like a home sitting which provides all the facilities as staying at home. They have inbuilt kitchens, washing machines, garden, and comfy airy rooms. The clients are monitored by experienced nurses who help them through best support and communication to overcome this biggest challenge of their lives.


Whether a drug addict or consuming alcohol, it is compulsory to undergo addiction treatment process to quit the intake of both. For further information please visit or make a phone call on their helpline number. They will assess all your needs to deal the situation.