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4 budget destinations remote workers will love

More and more people are becoming stay-at-home workers. Well, that’s no surprise, since COVID turned going to the office into something that only happens in movies.

Something great can come out of that, though. Sure, you have to work from home – but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a new home!

You can start a new, exciting adventure in another country – and keep your job while you’re at it. If you’re thinking about going somewhere else for a while, here are five budget destinations for remote workers.

1. Spend 90 days in Aruba, the little Caribbean paradise

If you’re feeling like sunbathing and surfing in-between work shifts, Aruba might be the place you’re looking for.

The Aruba government recently launched its One Happy Workstation program.

This program offers remote workers the opportunity to travel to Aruba and stay for (a maximum) of 90 days. At the same time, the program has discount prices for hotels, restaurants, and more.

2. Go for a 6-month trip to Georgia

Summer, sand, beaches, and bikinis aren’t your thing? Not to worry, there are plenty of options around the globe.

Georgia is open to receive remote workers for six months (and, sometimes, longer than that!), thanks to their new visa program.

You’ll find a new culture, lots of mountains, and many more things in this country that’s right in-between Europe and Asia.

3. Take your business to Thailand for up to 9 months

Thailand is the digital worker’s go-to destination – and their government has a visa program that lets you live in the country for up to nine months.

It’s beautiful, full of friendly locals, and has an amazing exchange rate. You’ll feel like you’re paying cents on the dollar for every single thing you buy!

The great thing about Thailand is how much it changes from place to place. In this country, there’s a spot for party people, easy-going individuals, and everything in-between.

4. Enjoy a year-round adventure in Estonia

The Estonian government is making an effort to attract digital nomads from all over the world. And digital nomads everywhere should be thankful for that!

Their new visa program allows remote workers to stay in the country for up to a year.

With such a low cost of living, you won’t need to work every month of the year to make the most out of that program. And that’s one of the many things Estonia has to offer!