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How to Travel while Working

If you can work from home, you can typically work from anywhere! A change of scenery can help you feel better! It is possible to travel while you continue to work. 

It takes a bit of planning but it is easier than you think. Take along your laptop and select travel locations with excellent Wi-Fi.

Balance Work and Travel 

Plan your travel adventures around work so you can balance the two. Spend a few hours in the morning working. Then go explore the area and take in the sites. 

You can work again in the afternoon or evening hours if you need to. Pay attention to your work deadlines and focus on getting things done in advance when possible. 

Don’t Over Schedule your Time 

Keep your travel plans light and flexible. If work needs change you won’t feel any pressure with that or to do something else. 

Plus, you can use the travel time to be relaxing and help you unwind. You can stay for a few days or even a few weeks. 

This may be the opportune time to travel while still doing work and getting paid. It is a nice perk of COVID-19 and so many working remotely during it. 


Most hotels have a desk in them you can use for workspace. You can also get a suite so you have a separate sleeping and working area. 

Find hotels to stay in with a business center. This gives you access to faxing, photocopying, and other equipment you may need to complete your work. 

If you need a quiet place for Zoom meetings or other work activities, send the rest of your travel companions out for a bit without you. 

The hotel may have a meeting room where you can get some privacy too. That will need to be set up in advance of your meeting time. 

Have Fun

You don’t have to just stay home and work. That can be boring and repetitive. Find some great travel deals and go enjoy them! 

Explore your favorite locations such as the beach or try a new place you have never been to! Plan your adventure and enjoy it. This is your chance to have fun but still stay on top of your work responsibilities.