Huhu Insurance Q & A during Purchasing Process

  1. How do I buy Tiger Insurance (Also known as Huhu Insurance) online?

Please choose the insurance plan that suits you according to your status. We have a detailed replacement strategy for your reference.

  1. If I can’t buy online, is there any other way?

You can answer your concerns by choosing to add our Chinese small customer service.

  1. Can I receive a confirmation of insurance after payment?

Yes, your confirmation will be automatically sent to your email address after your purchase has been paid, including your insurance card, confirmation and insurance policy.

  1. If I am not in the US, can I buy Tiger Insurance(Also known as 虎虎保险)?

Yes, you can make a purchase 24 hours a day on our website. Your insurance card and confirmation will be sent to you via your email.

5. How do I know that I successfully added a family member to my student insurance (also known as 留学生保险)plan?During the purchase process, you can choose to add a spouse, and your premium will change depending on your addition. 6. What should I do if my credit card refuses to pay?Please ensure that the billing information is the same as your bank card account, please contact your bank and inform them that you are paying in Tiger Insurance. If you are an international credit card, your bank may limit your credit card amount, you must first authorize you to make a payment at Tiger Insurance. Or you can choose another credit/deposit card to make a payment. 7. When I am buying insurance, do I need to provide a visa or other documents?No need. Tiger will not ask for any visa documents during your purchase of the insurance plan.

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