Medical Tourism in India Booming with Hair Transplant Procedure

The medical tourism in India has a greater mass appeal due to the best services and facilities and all are available here at an affordable cost. Thus, the services of the plastic & cosmetic surgery are also greatly influenced by the Indian cost term that generated clients from all over the world. The hair transplant cost in India is considered as one of the best budget-cost options due to the reasonable clinics’ fees is chiefly based on the number of usable grafts in the procedure. The global hair transplant market research report explored this fact that the hair transplant market is growing at a rapid rate and expected to reach with a higher percentage in India. The budget-cost facilities and services offered by the Indian clinic and centres set them apart from the foreign clinics and hospitals.

It has been found out that approximately 80% of plastic & cosmetic surgeries are being done in India in which hair transplant shares 70% space with the utmost 100% satisfaction rate received by the patients.

Now, it is a matter must be pointed out with the benefits and relevancy of receiving the hair transplant procedure in India is jotted down below: –

  1. The Proficient Hair Transplant Surgeon: Our Indian surgeons and doctors are internationally certified and have a board certification from the international hair restoration bodies and societies that is a hallmark of getting the assured natural outcomes of the procedure. These expert surgeons and the best doctors providing the hair transplant services at an affordable cost to cater clients across the globe. The performing surgeon must have an active contribution towards the reputed restoration societies, i.e., the ISHRS, ISAPS, IAHRS, etc.
  2. The Reputed Hair Transplant Clinics give the services at an affordable cost: This is the most important aspect to consider about that, what is the reputation of the clinic in the hair transplant market. The reputation of the clinic is rated on the given results towards their respective patients. The clinic standard for offering the facilities measure can be best identified through their following international measures for safety and hygiene concern. The clinic follows the US or UK standard for safety and hygiene concern is considered as the best clinics and the services offered by them will be quite sure to the best results.
  3. A Genuine way to put the cost: The procedure cost in India is mainly decided through the number of usable grafts, which considered as the most suitable and a genuine way to put the cost of the procedure. Basically, per graft cost in India ranges from 25-130 INR/ which is around one-fourth of the applicable cost in the USA, UK or UAE. Thus, it is a budget-cost decision to get the procedure in India.


Summing it up, the procedure of hair restoration in India is an advantageous decision that helps a patient to get the best facilities and services with the expert hand under a modest cost option. It is all worth to receive the procedure in India.