Questions to Ask During Your Gynaecomastia Consultation

Choosing the right surgeon for your gynaecomastia surgery is the first step towards a successful outcome.

Not every surgeon is going to be the right match for you though, which means it’s up to you to do the groundwork to find someone who meets your requirements. Take your time, do your homework and ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable with your surgeon and confident in their abilities.

11 Questions to Ask Your Gynaecomastia Surgeon

Do I meet the gynecomastia patient criteria?

Before your surgeon can answer this question, an examination will need to be performed and your medical history will need to be reviewed.

Can you explain the risks and complications of gynaecomastia surgery to me?

Your surgeon should be able to explain all potential side effects and complications to you, including how common each one is. You should also make a point of finding out how any complications will be handled.

Do you have some before and after photos for me to look at?

A reputable surgeon will always be able to show you before and after photos so that you can evaluate their surgical style. A lack of photos could be a sign that the surgeon hasn’t had many satisfied patients.

Are you board certified?

Your surgeon should be a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS) as this indicates they have received the necessary training to perform your surgery correctly and safely.

How many years have you been a surgeon and how many male breast reductions have you performed?

Not only will a top surgeon for man boobs in Sydney have years of experience but specific experience with male breast reduction too.

Which hospitals do you operate from?

Reputable surgeons will have operating privileges at accredited hospitals that can offer the necessary assistance should you experience complications during your surgery.

What anaesthetic will be used during my surgery?

General anaesthetic should be used for this surgery and it should only ever be administered by a board certified anaesthesiologist.

What can I expect in terms of scarring?

Unfortunately, scarring is inevitable after male breast reduction but there are steps that your surgeon can take to minimise scarring so find out more about this.

What can I expect during my recovery?

Knowing what to expect during your recovery is important as you will need to prepare for this part of the process. Find out about taking time off work, whether or not you will need assistance at home and when you can resume your normal activities.

What happens if I am unhappy with my results?

While choosing the right surgeon should eliminate the need for revision surgery, find out about revision policies anyway.

What costs are associated with my surgery?

A reputable surgeon will provide you with a list of all of the costs associated with your surgery so insist on details.

When it comes to choosing a surgeon for your gynaecomastia procedure, always go with your gut. Know that it’s ok to consult with more than one surgeon before you make a final decision.